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Violin Sonata

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Violin, piano

Duration (approx)   21 minutes
Composed   2001, revised 2003
Publisher   Music Haven

Cheltenham Festival

First performance   29th April 2003
Venue   Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham
Soloists / Players   Jack Liebeck (violin), Katya Apekisheva (piano)

1. Quasi improvvisazione
2. Presto
3. Allegretto

Audio Samples

1. Quasi improvvisazione  --  listen while viewing a score sample
2. Presto  --  listen while viewing a score sample
3. Allegretto  --  listen while viewing a score sample

Programme Notes

This Sonata was originally conceived as a group of three independent movements that would be strongly marked from each other in both form and content. In fact, during the process of composition, I realised that the pieces were becoming increasingly related to each other in a way that suggested a sonata-like structure. In the midst of composition, I found myself in the uncomfortable predicament of having to supply programme notes - as one sometimes has perforce to do - for the premiere at the Cheltenham Music Festival in July 2002. I couched my programme notes in ambiguous terms in order to allow some creative freedom and avoid inhibition but in the event, only the first and third movements were performed as I was dissatisfied with the sketches for the middle movement. I felt that a more precise relationship to the design of the Sonata was required.

So the central Presto was completed the following year and follows a broad first movement that contrasts music of relatively free rhythm and dissonant intensity with that of diatonic simplicity and a stable pulse. The Presto is a projection of elements heard in the piano part of the previous movement; in particular an arpeggio reiterated over three descending notes under an E major pedal-point in the violin. This movement is not without moments of violence and is quite demanding for both players.

The last movement represents a 'return to grace' although this too is gradually invaded by the descending 3rd idea. Being in the remote tonal area of C sharp major, it is intended as a reconciliation of conflicting elements from the previous movements and a summation of the mediant tonal relationships of the Sonata.

Score Samples

Click a score sample below to view a larger version of the score...

1. Quasi improvvisazione

2. Presto

3. Allegretto

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World Premiere: Violin Sonata

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Works:  Violin Sonata

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