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Small Orchestra or chamber ensemble: 1111 - 1000 - 4 vln.2 vla.2 vlc.db

Duration (approx)   20 minutes
Composed   2000, revised 2007
Publisher   Faber Music

Faber Music

First performance   19th February 2002
Venue   Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Orchestra / Ensemble   London Chamber Orchestra
Conductor   Christopher Warren-Green

Single movement


Richard Whitehouse, Classical Source

Brown has been careful to assemble the basic symphonic constituents with a view to their intimating but not confirming the 'classical' format. The result is a 21-minute piece of subtle and affecting contrasts, evoking composers as diverse as Stravinsky, Nielsen and Lennox Berkeley, but with a formal ingenuity and thematic profile that are already personal.... the sensitivity with which Brown handles his forces was never in doubt.

Programme Notes

The Sinfonietta contains the basic ingredients of a Symphony - viz. an Allegro, a Scherzo, a slow movement and a final Allegro. In this case, these elements are compressed into a one-movement form and the final Allegro is a recapitulation of the first, albeit with considerable variation. There is also a short fugue, for strings alone, between the opening Allegro and the Scherzo, which consolidates the musical ideas used throughout the piece.

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World Premiere: Sinfonietta

Tuesday 19th February 2002

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