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  James at the premiere of 'Fantasies for John McCabe' with John, Huw Watkins who performed the work, and the other composers of the fantasies: Peter Fribbins, John Hawkins, David Matthews, Alan Mills, Matthew Taylor and Hugh Wood.
St Andrew's Church, Presteigne, Wales
Sunday 30th August 2009
  [left to right] David Matthews, James, and Matthew Taylor at a rehearsal of James' Prospero's Isle
British Music Festival, St Petersburg
15th November 2007
Photographer: Edward Clark
  In Stravinsky's footsteps
The Tetrarchs, St marks Square, Venice
June 2003
Photographer: Jane Piper
  Thinking on railing
Santorini, Greece
June 2002
Photographer: Jane Piper
  On holiday in Herculaneum
July 1997
Photographer: Jane Piper
  Camel ride
July 1996
Photographer: Local Egyptian!
  Taking photos in the hills
Knossos, Crete
May 1992
Photographer: Jane Piper
  Hans and wife Elizabeth Heimler
Guildford, Surrey
Mid 80's
Photographer: James Francis Brown
  James at around three years old
Pinner, Middlesex
c. 1972
Photographer: Possibly a parent!

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