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Festivals & Collaborations

Deal Festival

Pianoworks Festival

Presteigne Festival

Edinburgh Film Festival

Prussia Cove, International Musician's Seminar

  • Composer-in-residence (2006)

St Petersburg Festival of British Music

City of London Festival

Little Missenden Festival

Ulverston Festival

Leasowes Music Festival

Two Rivers Festival

Consonances Music Festival - Saint-Nazaire

William Alwyn Festival

Hertfordshire Festival of Music

Read more about James' involvement in the festival.

British Isles Music Festival

Dunster Festival

  • Erbarma€? dich mein (2018, premiere)

Current & Recent Festival News

Composer in Residence: British Isles Music Festival


Saturday 29th July to Monday 7th August 2017

James will be working with some of the worlds most talented young musicians in workshops and performances at Charterhouse School, Surrey.

For more details visit the festival website.

World Premiere: The Heavens and the Heart


Sunday 28th August 2016, 7.30pm

Part of the Presteigne Festival.

Works:  The Heavens and the Heart

World Premiere: The Hart’s Grace


Saturday 11th June 2016, 7.30pm

Part of the Hertfordshire Festival of Music for which James is co-artistic director.

Works:  The Hart’s Grace

Notable Events

World Premiere: Clarinet Concerto (Lost Lanes - Shadow Groves)

Thursday 21st August 2008

Part of the Presteigne Festival.

Works:  Clarinet Concerto (Lost Lanes, Shadow Groves)

World Premiere: Prospero's Isle (Symphonic Poem)

Thursday 15th November 2007

Part of the St Petersburg Festival of British Music.

Works:  Prospero's Isle (Symphonic Poem)

World Premiere: Trio Concertante

Tuesday 29th August 2006

Part of the Presteigne Festival.

Works:  Trio Concertante

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