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Evening Changes

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Treble recorder, viola, clarinet in B flat

Duration (approx)   5 minutes
Composed   2016
Publisher   Music Haven

William Alwyn Festival

First performance   7th October 2016
Venue   Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh
Soloists / Players   John Turner (recorder), Linda Merrick (clarinet), Sarah-Jane Bradley (viola)

1. Allegro moderato

Programme Notes

The recorder is one of those instruments whose character and timbre are instantly able to evoke other eras. From the Middle-Ages through to today, it appears, rather like Virginia Woolf's mysterious time-traveller, Orlando, dressed in the costume and manner of the day but always retaining its bright and pithy character.

A peal of distant church-bells, technically known as change-ringing, also has a great power to suggest the passing of centuries and, with a little imagination, these changes of pattern may be felt as signalling shifts in time. In this short piece, the instruments take turns representing the bells (as a sort of ground bass) and the 'time-traveller'.

Evening is yet another time when we experience a shift in feeling and imagination, so the 'changes' of the title represent both the literal pealing of bells and a more figurative sense of transformation.

Evening Changes was written In Memoriam John McCabe and is dedicated to John Turner.

Score Samples

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World Premiere: Evening Changes


Friday 7th October 2016, 4pm

William Alwyn Festival: works in memory of John McCabe.

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